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Vegetarian Angst

Have you ever walked down the street and smelled something that brought you back to your youth? Have you ever walked through a farmer's market and smelled something that elicited a powerful emotional reaction? Has that smell been of meat and come after you have converted to the right side of the species-ism divide?

I recently had one of these experiences. I was walking in a street fair and smelled gyros (love them) as I was walking to my apartment. I even considered getting one and falling off the wagon. Instead I got some Mexican corn but that's besides the point. I've always been amazed at how little we attribute our current actions to our past sensory memory. "Oh I can resist that food, or that activity because I'm mentally tough", when in reality its just the opposite. Our bodies are designed to become seduced by some kind of stimulus that is attached to some memory whether it be good or bad.

In this context, the goal should be to replace / forge new sensory memories that are strategically constructed to emphasize those traits or characteristics that are in accordance with one's goals. Can I forge new positive memories associated with green beans or kale? I know it sounds ridiculous but its certainly food for thought.


Which one of the following athletes have been vegetarian during their careers?
Tony Gonzalez
Desmond Howard
Carl Lewis
Prince Fielder
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